I am Obsessed With Becoming A Woman Comfortable In My Own Skin


So its been 3 months since I have had to go to work for somebody else. Its been 3 months to me waking up as my own boss, and I have to tell you, the days are great, but the nights………..well that is another matter. It is hard for me to fall asleep. I wonder if I made the right choice, I feel guilty because most of my friends still have to work for “the man”, I feel guilty because I am succeeding in doing exactly what I want to do, and I have accomplished a major goal in my life. There are times when I have a hard time feeling the joy it brings, and I sometimes feel that I am looking out of my eyes into someone else’s life. But……..I push on because I know these feelings are temporary, I know that this is the boarder patrol of my subconscious trying to protect me from this unknown journey that I have embarked on. My subconscious is doing what it is designed to do, but I have the power to change it, and I am. Instead of automatic weapons, my boarder patrol is now starting to carry flowers. lol.


I knew when I started on this journey that I would be leaving friends behind, but I never realized how many of my friends just didn’t even want to understand what I was doing. I get it now, it is scary. Striking out on your own is scary. It opens the door to all sorts of feelings, feelings that are easy to suppress when you work for someone else. When you have no one but you to be accountable to, and you honestly accept that responsibility, you discover things about your self, things you were able to hide from yourself when working for someone else. For example, I had no idea I was such a control freak, or how obsessive I was. It was easy to hide when I was getting my paycheck from someone else. I would get a performance review and work on those skills that my supervisors felt I needed to improve, and praise for some skills that worked for them, but really were not healthy for me. It did not matter if how they asked me to perform was a good fit for me, all that mattered was that it was a good fit for the company, and if I was going to get a paycheck then I was going to have to adapt. I was able to camouflage those “skills” during my 9 to 5 so by the time I got home, I was spent and did not have the energy to even recognize that those “skills” were really holding me back in so many other areas of my life creating a negative impact on my quality of life as a whole.

When you are your own boss, self monitoring becomes so important, and when you are an obsessive control freak….. like me you need to learn how to deal with that part thru love, patience and acceptance of yourself. Learning to let go, trust in God, and yourself with faith that you can do this with out a boss breathing down your neck is both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

So as I got closer to turning 50, the more things just did not settle well, the less I was open to “constructive criticism”, the less I wanted to adapt, fit in, be uncomfortable in my own skin. Things were starting to come into focus and they were out of balance. I had come to a cross roads, accept mediocrity or make a change. I had lost myself and that was pretty sad. Adapt and improvise, that is what we do, we are taught that from early on, but at the end of the day, who have we really been true to?

So what do you do? How do you take your life back? I guess the answer is different for everyone, and I feel that it depends on what your core values are. Once you identify with what your core values are you can work up from there. What are you willing to settle for, what are you willing to live without, what are you willing to fight for, and at what cost? How do you want to leave this world? Do you want to go out with a whisper of regret? Or a celebration of a life lived on your terms?

The hardest thing I have ever done was decide to go into direct sales. And as I look back over the last 2 1/2 years I have to laugh, I have come so far and my life is where I want it to be right here at this moment, and in the very next moment I am searching for more. My first goal has been accomplished, and there is another one and another one on the burner ready to go. And today I am discovering that I am just an atoms worth more in love with the journey I am on than the business that I am in. Don’t get me wrong, if it was not for my choice of business, I would not have discovered the unconditional love for my journey. It is definitely a marriage of the two, I will not have one without the other, and I feel this is a great combination, in fact I think if you do not have unconditional love for the journey that you are on, then the business for you will never get you to the level you desire.

I heard a quote the other day on Ted Talk, and it really hit home it was about “mastering” to summarize the speaker said that Mastering is in the reaching not the arriving, the constant motion of wanting to close the gap between the journey you are on and the end result of your goal. Never quite reaching it, keeping it just out of reach. Almost succeeding but not quite. Mastery is about sacrificing for your craft, not for the sake of crafting your career.

For me those words really hit home, will I ever master what I have chosen to do? Where is the fun in that? There is always one more rung to reach for, there is always something else just around the corner, and I don’t ever want my journey to end. And as I hit each level and reach each goal that I set out to accomplish, there is a lesson in that which will propel me further along on my journey. The road I am on is paved with success for anyone willing to travel on it. I have seen many succeed before me and I will help others succeed after me and I want to inspire others to do the same. Life is an incredible journey, and it does not have to end at 50, but there is no way it can begin for you with out you stepping into your own life.

Kellee’ Michele






Most women in direct sales are successful not because of their friends and family……………..

I’m curious……..

Why do we continue to support and celebrate our friends and family who decide to go to work for one of those “Pyramid” schemes but are unsupportive to those who embark on an entrepreneurial journey? Everyone knows about this type of “business model” They are going to work for someone else, usually getting paid far below what they are worth. Often times commuting much farther than they ever intended to, working a set schedule that does not fit their lifestyle, spending more time and money away from home, and working for someone they despise. The American dream.
When they get the new job we hope, in our hearts, that they never get laid off or fired. Jobs are hard to come by these days. We commiserate with them about traffic, stress, and being too busy to have a life and there seems to be some sort of twisted comfort in uniting in each other’s misery. We meet for happy hour to unwind and listen to each other blow off steam, help each other cope with difficult bosses and coworkers, compare notes to how miserable things are, and talk about dreamy vacations, knowing full well they will never take place, only to wake up hung over and start the daily grind all over again. But still, we celebrate and encourage each other when someone starts working for someone else.

Why don’t more people celebrate entrepreneurism, every level of entrepreneurism? Whether it be a brick and mortar start up, an online business, direct sales, multi level marketing, network marketing, any venture that takes risk, both financial and emotional? Small business owners struggle, direct sales consultants are ridiculed and ignored, online businesses get ignored, but yet we celebrate when someone goes to work for a pyramid shaped business model where one person at the top reaps the benefits of the many people working below them.

Two and a half years ago I started my direct sales business, made up mostly of highly motivated women, brave women who are embracing the ability to become financially independent. They are changing their lives and the lives of others by being in business for themselves. They are able to stay home with their children, retire their spouses, and create a lifestyle that benefits the entire family. They are able to create exit strategies to get themselves out of the workforce, allowing some of them the ability to pursue their philanthropic dreams of doing work with real meaning, some helping to change their communities. They succeed by helping others succeed, they learn to become their most authentic selves, overcoming fears and obstacles within themselves that enable them to live lives with meaning and purpose on their terms. And those are just the personal perks, they are earning free luxury trips, cars,gifts, and generational residual income that can be life changing.

Inspite of all the perks this type of business opportunity has to offer, they are rarely supported the way they would be if they were working a typical 9 to 5, not by family and not by friends. You probably don’t know this, but most women in direct sales are successful not because of their friends and family, but because they are strong enough to deal with the lack of support from the ones they love. Because their desire for a better life for themselves and the ones they love overrides their fear of rejection and failure, and those that are not strong enough to handle that, struggle unessesarily, the lack of support validates their fear of failure.

The feedback I hear from these wonderfully refreshing, intelligent women when they talk about marketing their business is very interesting to me, which is what prompted me to blog about this. They tell me that they get to find out who their true friends really are, most don’t return phone calls, unfriend them from social media, stop them from sharing the excitement they express about their new venture, tell them flat out they don’t want to hear about it and post passive aggressive cryptic posts via social media. The fact that they are not interested is fine but they won’t, at the very least, help them with referrals, assuming their friends think the same way they do, preventing their friends from learning about an opportunity that could change their lives, how incredibly selfish! Husbands become withdrawn and unsupportive, family members roll their eyes, some are flat out rude. The list of unsupportive actions and people goes on, and it’s a long one.

There are Network Marketers out there like me who see the potential in our friends, families, people we work with, people we interact with, we see potential in you because someone saw it in us and took a chance on inviting us to hear a little bit more. It’s pretty funny to think that when I was first introduced to my business, I actually thought “I’m not desperate, I have a job”. But a seed was planted almost 3 years ago, and that seed has blossomed into a business that allows me to live life on my terms, creating a life of financial freedom for me and my family. And the same holds true for the other women in these type of businesses.

What people seem to miss most is that these brave women are showing their sons and daughters, family and friends, that they have the potential to realize their dreams too. They are showing their friends and families that “Hey, if I can do it so can you”. There is nothing more exhilarating than to have your friends and family along with you on your journey, and those that are fortunate enough to have that support succeed much quicker than those that do not. As they say “A rising tide raises all ships.”

So why don’t we celebrate entrepreneurism? Why don’t we celebrate when one of our sisters decides to venture out on her own? Decides to take a chance on making a better life for her and those she loves? Figures out a way to create an exit strategy while working 40 to 60 hours a week. Is it because we are so unhappy deep down inside with our own lives, that we resent it when someone leaves the “fold” and goes on to learn how to live their life with a healthy mindset which leads them to a life filled with abundance and joy? Are we threatened by it? It’s sort of like when a couple you are close to gets a divorce, invariably one party is happier than the other, all of a sudden their group of friends starts to slowly close ranks, afraid that they may have to look at their own unhappy marriage, and friendships dissolve. Invariably one person is left out of the “original friendship circle” trying to start over again without the support from who they once thought were their friends. Or maybe we see someone else’s success or failure as a reflection of what we are missing in our own lives because we are afraid of stepping outside of our own comfort zone?

I wish I had the answer to this, but I don’t. However I know this for sure, success is and will always be on the other side of your comfort zone, and the comfort zone of others.The most I can do is continue to share my thoughts and continue to inspire and support others who are also navigating thru these entrepreneurial waters. There are those of us who are going to make it regardless, but there are some of us who really could use the gentle, encouraging support of their friends and family. That little bit could mean the difference between their success and failure.

So I challenge you, be supportive of your friends and family who have embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. Be open to the information they have to share, you don’t have to buy, join, or pretend you’re interested when you aren’t but you can listen, you can be receptive to their enthusiasm, you can share in their journey, and you can just be nice. You have a choice to be a part of their success or part of their failure, you decide.

Kellee’ Michele

“The world will be saved by western women.”
The Dali Lama

“Double Helix” A Glimpse Into A Mother Daughter Journey

Zoe and Me MontereyAt the dawn of my 50th year, my dream of being a STAY AT HOME MOM has come true!! No I do not mean Stay at Home Grandma I mean Mom! I have always envied stay at home moms, challenging, rewarding, being able to provide the gentle love that only moms can provide, the status, a stay at home mom was someone I not only wanted but intended to be. When I got married, then pregnant, I was thrilled to be able to stay at home with my daughter. I felt very blessed that her dad had a job that would allow that type of lifestyle. The plan was that I would stay home until, at the very least, she started school, and then I would find something fun like working at her school, something where I could still be at home when my daughter and husband was.

But that didn’t happen. I was back to work by her first birthday, and divorced before her second. Her father got laid off shortly before she was born and decided that he was not going to go back to work. He was a journeyman carpenter (this was the early 90’s) and although there may not have been tons of work, there was plenty of work for him. He was on solid terms with a well established construction company, he had great connections, and in the construction industry lay offs are typical between construction projects, but if you were in good standing with a solid construction company, you were pretty set. He met the criteria, but was still not getting work, in fact I found out he was actually turning work down.

Looking back I think he suffered from manic depression. What I thought was casual drug use growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s was actually his attempt at trying to regulate his moods by self medicating. His drugs of choice took him up, and down, with the later quickly taking over, our relationship ended violently. If we knew then what we know now, maybe things would have been different, but then I would not be where I am today. And I am thankful every day that it ended that way. Although I do keep him in my heart, praying that one day he will be healed.

For the next 25 years or so, I was a single mom, with a couple of bad relationships in between. I was never able to be the mom that I had truly intended to be. I was more focused on surviving, working, keeping us safe, and healthy. Because of the direction of my focus, my daughter and I have had a tumultuous relationship. One filled with love, anger, guilt, drama, happiness and fun. It was just the two of us trying to navigate our lives. Like a double helix, we would grow up together, apart, then up together, then apart and now we are growing up together again.

During the last couple of months my life began to change dramatically. Two months ago I was fired from my job. Some people may be devastated getting fired from, but I saw the miracle in the action, it was a blessing in disguise. God has a way of putting you on the fast track, and if you pay attention to the miracles he presents to you, ones we interpret as good or bad, amazing things start to happen, doors start to open.

I started my own business 2 1/2 years ago, partnering with the wildly successful Drs that created Proactiv in their new direct selling company, Rodan and Fields, and that decision enabled me to create an exit strategy, which launched at the perfect time, had it been left entirely up to me, I would not have made that decision, I would not have gotten myself fired. Funny thing, the reason I was fired was because I would not give my boss a hug. (God wink here)

Since my income was now fixed and limited I had to take the next step and re-evaluate my lifestyle. About a year prior I had made the decision to rent out my condo and a few years prior to that, I met a wonderful man who loves me just an atom more than I love him, and it was getting time to consolidate. But this posed a problem, my daughter was living in our condo, and I wasn’t prepared to have her move out. She had just started dating someone that I would not have chosen for her, and the last thing I wanted to do was create the catalyst that would encourage her to move out subsequently causing her to move in with him, so I gave her one years notice with the understanding that I would help subsidize her rent. Based on my income at the time, as well as the profit from the condo, I could easily afford to. It was a hard pill for her to swallow, even at 23 she was still my little girl, and neither of us was ready for the next chapter.

Then simultaneously, things started changing in her life. First she broke up with her steady. She was working a corporate job that paid well but she was not happy. Then she came to work for me, she was paid more but she was even more miserable. Shortly after I was fired, she lost her job but immediately found a better job. It pays just above minimum wage but she is doing what she loves, and she is very very happy. In the last couple of months she has blossomed, fallen in love with herself and started her transition into full womanhood. She is on the path of self discovery on the dawn of her 25th birthday, as I am on the dawn of my 50th.

So now we are on to the next logical step of our journey. I moved up the date to rent my condo out from 1/2016 to 8/2015. Upon the advice of the property management company I hired. It is better to rent during the summer. People do not want to be in transition by the time school starts and the holidays arrive. But now only thing is that my daughter cannot afford to live on her own, and I can no longer subsidise her rent.

Do you remember the beautiful man I mentioned earlier, the one that loves me just an atom more than I do him? Well, he suggested she move in with us and take over his daughter’s room. She had moved out the year before. I had thought about mentioning this, and I was certain he would not have an issue. Still what a loving gesture and a perfect solution to have her move in with us. Our kids are already great friends, so it was a win win situation all around.

As I lay awake thinking about my life, as I often do, connecting the dots, and thanking God for his abundant blessings, I had to laugh. At the dawn of her 25th year and the dawn of my 50th, I will finally get to be the stay at home mom I’ve always wanted to be. Of course it may only be for a short while, like the intersecting twines of a double helix, but I am going to savor every minute. I will make her breakfast, pack her a lunch, draw her a bath and just adore and love on her. And if you know my daughter she will soak it up like a blooming cactus in the desert because as much as I was unable to be the stay at home mom I wanted to be, she was unable to be the little girl she needed to be, had the right to be.

As I expressed my thought to her, my excitement shining through no doubt, and she said “mom as long as you make me scrambled eggs and hot dogs with cheese for breakfast I’ll stay forever” I melted. Life is beautiful. God may not give us what we want when we want it, but he always gives us what we need when we need it most. And as my daughter prepares to launch fully into womanhood, having her in the same space as me, to help guide her on her journey, is yet another miracle God has blessed upon us both both by bringing us together again.

Find your bliss, follow your heart, never stop praying, never loose your faith; you may misplace it, but don’t ever lose it. And one day you will understand what it was all for. At 50 my life has just begun.

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50 Years and 12 Habits Later I am Ready to Embark on The Second Half Of My Journey

It has been a month since I left the corporate world. Knowing I never have to work for anyone else again is an amazing feeling and I am very blessed. Personal freedom is priceless. Each day I become more and more of my authentic self and it feels so liberating. Some of my friends are truly happy for me, and others think I’m just lucky. It is another chapter in my life where I am able to find out who my true friends really are, although the quantity is reduced, the quality of my friendships is something I cherish.

I’ve had many friends ask me if I really am as happy as I say I am, am I really as happy as I appear to be? My answer is yes, my answer is always yes when it comes to this question. I was that cheerful co-worker that you see on Monday mornings at 5am who is bright eyed and bushy tailed. The same one you work hard to ignore because “seriously, it’s Monday morning, 5am and this bitch is happy” lol. It’s okay, I’m usually forgiven by lunch time. My mom summed it up pretty well, “she was always up at the crack of dawn with a smile on her face, anticipation in her heart and a drive to just get going, and go and go and go”. To this day I would rather be warmed outside by the sun, with coffee in hand, slowly waking up, than sleeping in. Remember the old song Feelin Groovy? Well that was dedicated to me by my mom based on the line “slow down you move too fast, got to make the morning last, skipping down the cobblestones, feeling groovy”. Yes that is me. Feeling groovy. Always. Except I seem to always be “Tripping” vs “Skipping” down the cobblestones (I’m kind of clumsy lol) But life has a way of changing that happy state of mind for many of us.

So, here is the reader’s digest version. I grew up, had the same boyfriend from 17 until I married him at 25, it was an abusive relationship and always had been. There were drugs involved, always had been. I had a baby at 26, got divorced at 28, hooked up again at 29, another abusive relationship (history will repeat itself if you do not learn the first time). Finally at the age of 40 I moved out with my daughter, on my own, for the very first time in my life. We got an apartment in town, and it was constantly full of her friends. I had a lot of making up to do. Until then I had never lived on my own, I had worked hard since my divorce trying to secure a better life for me and my daughter. I believed that I would not be able to provide well enough for both of us as a single mom (I was not going to do section 8, and I was not going to live in certain school districts, and I was not going to continue living with my mom). I was so focused on what I wanted I never took into consideration what I didn’t want. I was driven to have a secure life for my daugher and because of that the relationship with my daughter suffered greatly, it had evolved into one based on tremendous guilt, rebellion and hostility for the both of us.

By the time I turned 43 things started to look up, I was able to purchase a beautiful condo. My father passed away a few years earlier and it was his passing that enabled me to purchase my condo, I closed escrow and had the keys in my hand on his birthday. My daughter and I worked hard with the help of others to repair our relationship, I begged for forgiveness for not being the kind of mother she wanted, and for not being there. I could see how my actions and drive had alienated her, even though she was the one I was working so hard for. Today we are closer than ever.

At 45 I found true love from a man who protects my vulnerabilities and loves me just one atom more than I love him. My life started to get comfortable again, but this time it was different, I felt like I was in control of my life, I was living life on my terms. Almost………………lol But when I turned 47 after working for the same company for 12 years I quit my job. The Company was going thru Chapter 11 and I was not going to wait around to see what was going to happen to me so I networked and networked and found another job in the same industry, a cut in pay, but a secure job. Thirty days later I got fired, why? I was just not a good fit! Unbelievable, I just left a job making great money, after working for them for 12 years, what was I thinking! That same day I joined one of my girlfriends in very successful brand new direct selling company (she introduced me to them while the company I was working for was going thru Chapter 11) six months after that I found another job in the same industry, again, while simultaneously working my new direct sales business. A year later I had an opportunity to go back to work for my original employer of 12 years so I quit and went to work for them and got very very comfortable, too comfortable. I was collecting a healthy paycheck, more than I had originally, but I was doing work with absolutely no meaning, the pay was great, but the work was hollow. Then I had an opportunity to work for a non profit, which was on my bucket list, and after 3 months I was fired for refusing to hug my boss (long story) talk about a get out of jail free card. That was the moment when I knew that I was never going back to work for anyone else ever again.

I found my passion when I started my business, it did not happen overnight, believe me it has taken a lot of personal development and growth, but while my life was in turmoil during the last couple of years I was able to create an exit strategy. I worked my business part time in order to create residual income that would eventually allow me to leave the corporate world when the time was right. I did not know the timing was right until I was fired, and everything fell into place.

I started to think about how I had come this far. I asked myself if it felt like I fought to get here, and the answer was no. I have lived thru and have encountered obstacles, challenges,  heartbreaks, financial setbacks (on a regular basis) etc.etc. I have worked for the County, in the food industry, retail industry and automotive repair industry. I worked in a warehouse and loaded lamps on to service trucks, I was a project manager for a custom sign company, I have worked in manufacturing, construction, and even the non profit arena. I have always done what it takes to make a better life for me and my daughter. I am always looking out for the next opportunity, I have never looked back, and I have no regrets. For the most part my outlook has always been positive, I have always been happy.

Me Pink Cadillac  So how did I get here? I thought about it some more and I discovered that I have been working my entire life on creating an environment to exist “happily”, to live “happily ever after”. There are people who would say there is no such thing but I am here to tell you that there is. You can create your destiny, and you can create your happiness. I discovered 12 habits that I use in my life everyday, in fact I just came to the realization as I look back thru my life, that understanding who I am has allowed me to, even as a kid, develop these habits. Not sure when it started, it may have started on the playground when I was the last one picked for a team because I was so uncoordinated and clumsy, or it may have started when I was made fun of all thru elementary and Junior High School because I was different than everyone else. Or maybe it started when I was told “you can’t do that”. In any event the trials, tribulations, and setbacks from growing up have molded me into the woman I am today, have helped me raise my beautiful daughter, and have driven me to be successful in creating an environment for me to live and succeed in.

  •  I pray with intent

I drill down until I understand what I really want from the good of my heart, what I expect to receive, and to recognize what I’ve already been blessed with. I ask that His work be done thru me and to show me how my prayers affect others. Then I brave his decision, I sit still and watch  for the sign I’m given and I become silent in order to hear Him.

  •  I do not accept no for an answer, ever

I used get into a lot of trouble, at home and in school for sticking to this one. Lol, but it was from determination, not misbehavin. Of course that point of view did not help the teacher, but it certainly helped me get through it. Lol. If I am truly intent in accomplishing my goal(s) accepting no for an answer will defeat me. I will figure out a way to make it happen, maybe not right now, maybe not even in a few months or years. I may have to pull back and re-evaluate, but I will press on until I accomplish my goal. The goal never changes, just the time.

  •  I do not allow myself to get comfortable,

When I was younger, sometimes, at 2am, I would bolt out of bed and rearrange my room. I could not go back to sleep until it was done. I was constantly changing my environment. Today I implement ways to challenge myself. I set my goals and intentions in order to create change in my environment. I have a goal about the way I want to end my days, what I want to be remembered for, how I want to leave my loved ones. Each time I accomplish one goal on my journey I am perfectly prepared for the next goal by collectively taking what I have learned and using it like jet fuel to propel me onto the next, creating the environment I need to succeed.

  •  It will always be better than worse

No matter how bad things get, they will always get better. I don’t believe things get worse, I believe I am being challenged and tested by God. It’s like mid terms or finals, I’ve done my studies, I have the tools to push thru, I will ace the exam, and if I don’t I have learned. Trust in the tools God gave you and continues to give you. He will not fail you.

  •  If I can do this then I most certainly can do that

I constantly look for ways to apply skills that will allow me to learn other skills which intern helps me achieve my goals.

  •  I don’t ask for permission

You can refer to number 2 for the drive behind this one. Lol. Once I am set, laser focused, Eagle eyed, on target, I move forward immediately, I throw myself into action. I do not second guess my decision. I got into big trouble for this growing up, but my determination out weighed everything else.

  •  I beg for forgiveness

Often times I am quick to act, the phrase “the early bird catches the worm” applies to me. I hit the ground with my feet running. I forget to take others into consideration when I am moving on my goal, and sometimes I hurt the ones I love most. When that happens I beg for their forgiveness, and I ask them for more patience. Yes, I push the envelope, refer to numbers 2 and 6, lol I will still stay my course. What I am doing is for my family, and my grandchildren. They love me, support me and believe in me, even when they don’t, they do.

  •  I never repeat the same mistake twice, I fail forward

Unless it comes to breaking glassware, I diligently work hard to never make the same mistake twice. Sometimes I’m overcome and my emotions get the best of me, and that’s okay. I own my decisions, and I can forgive myself for the wrong ones, after all God forgives me, I can forgive myself.

  •  I daydream no matter what

I allow myself to daydream. Even if it’s for 5 minutes before I get out of bed, I let my mind go, I dream about how I would like my day to go, or where I would like to go on vacation, even finding a million dollars and wondering what I’d do with it. And sometimes, more often than not, one of those dreams comes true. Manifesting your destiny, certainly has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

  •  I always believe in myself no matter what, even when I don’t.

If at first I don’t succeed I will try again, I know I can do it. I may need to re evaluate the situation, I may need additional skills, but I know I can try again, and I know I will succeed. I believe in me. After all God does, why shouldn’t I?

  •  I take the time to figure out me, my authentic self, I clean out the nooks and crannies of my mind.

Self reflection, self development, self work, is so important. A healthier mindset allows me to maintain a steady course as I navigate the uncharted waters of my life. If I am not of a healthy mind set healthy, my family is not mind set healthy, my friends are not mind set healthy. The people I surround myself with are attracted to a healthy mindset, they are attracted to a mindset like theirs.

  •  I give thanks to God for what I have and I remember to thank him for what I don’t have

I met a lady, she said a prayer it contained the line “thank you father God for what We don’t have”. What a great line! I remember to thank God for what I don’t have, there is a reason I don’t have “it,that, or the other”.

All of us are born happy, we become un-happy. Happiness needs to be nurtured, it needs to be fed. Just like our belly needs to be fed in order to keep our bodies fed, our happiness needs to be fed in order to keep our soul fed. Happiness cannot be taken for granted, it is worked for just like everything else you work for, including un-happiness. This type of focus took me out of the bullshit of life allowing me to live my life on my terms which has led me to the greatest gift of all so far and that is to be out of the workforce by 50 years old, creating a business that allows me to do work with real meaning,  and help others do the same while providing residual income so I can sleep better at night knowing I am not going to run out of money during my retirement  years, and it’s only going to get better. This is a direct result of my mindset, and my faith. God puts hidden riches in secret places, and I know this to be true first hand.

I am willing to bet that many of you are doing the same thing, but maybe you are growing tired, waiting for yours. Don’t give up, keep going no matter how futile it may seem. God has already blessed you, so why not live up to that blessing?

Silent Idea

To sit in the silence within myself

Letting the words drift round in my head

Slowly bumping into each other

Passing one another in a lazy waltz

Formulating sentences while punctuation marks line the wall in anticipation

Waiting to insert themselves 

To connect one another

To birth an idea………a silent idea